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Video - speed painting

Recorded live - Watercolour, Fuchsia, Triangle background support

Creativity exercise - collage and watercolour

Marion Chapman, Winner, Printmaking, Royal Easter Show

Marion Chapman, Winner, Printmaking, Royal Easter Show

Art scene in the Sutherland Shire

Wonderful promo for my art practice - thank you Sutherland Shire CouncilCLICK HERE FOR MORE
Marion Chapman
The Hidden art scene of the Sutherland Shire

Watercolour Demonstrator at Bankstown Art Society

Marion Chapman Watercolour demonstration Sutherland Shire Art Society

Watercolour brushes
Marion Chapman, Watercolour brushes: hake, mop, dagger and flat edge

2017 Painting samples
Marion Chapman Bespoke Paintings by Marion Chapman

2014 October Finalist
Marion Chapman, Finalist, Hurstville City Museum and Gallery

So chuffed to be a finalist in this great art prize.

2014 December Exhibition
Marion Chapman, Balmain Watch House, 3 - 7 December, 2014

Butterflies, Beaches & Boats is my next exhibition. Opening night drinks 5 December, 2014. Balmain Watch House, 179 Darling St, Balmain. Butterflies by Marion, Beaches by Jan Schuster-Callus and Boats by Jackie Sherwood.

2014 January
Marion Chapman, Winner, Abstract CASS

Marion Chapman, Winner, Abstract section with "Abstract Lepidotera", Watercolour ...Marion Chapman on YouTube

2017 September
Marion Chapman, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery shop

YouTube - Imaginative Landscape in watercolour with wax paper, part 2

Imaginative Landscape in Watercolour, part 2 - use wax paper to create textures
Skip to 1.44 for spraying with water and watch the paint flow under the wax paper.
Skip to 7.31 for a summary of the colours used and the importance of keeping your board on an angle.
Recorded in-class with Marion Chapman and I so wish I had a pic of the finished painting but sadly I don't so I will remake this video now that I know so much more about creating YouTube videos. ...Marion Chapman on YouTube

YouTube - Imaginative Landscapes in Watercolour with wax paper, part 1

Part 1 of imaginative watercolour landscapes, starts with a discussion about colour choices - warm & cool and split complementary schemes. Skip to 3.57 to start designing using a thumb-nail sketch and consider where to place your focal point/s ...Marion Chapman on YouTube

2016 Video
Marion Chapman Speed painting watercolour

2016 June
Marion Chapman, Watercolour Demonstration, St George Art Society June 2016

2015 October
Marion Chapman, Hunters Hill Art Gallery 28 Sept - 4 Oct 2015

"The Butterfly Effect" is an exhibition featuring works on paper - watercolour and printmaking. Marion's watercolours feature layer upon layer of watercolour glazing to give luminosity.

YouTube - Watercolour brush care and brush holder/rest

Brush holder/rest (brushes not included)
Brush holder/rest (brushes not included)
YouTube video Watercolour brush care

2019 November 13
Marion Chapman, Watercolour demonstration, Liverpool Art Society, Chipping Norton Community Centre

Mt Roland, Tasmania