2012 March
Marion Chapman in the Media

Sydney Morning Herald, 1 March, 2012
Sydney Morning Herald
Plus One (2012)
Plus One could have easily been named “Six Degrees of Separation”. Curator Lisa Woolfe invited 12 artists whose work she admires to exhibit their work in a group exhibition at Art Est. Gallery in Leichhardt during Art Month Sydney. The catch: she asked each of the 12 to invite an artist whose work they admired to exhibit along with them. It turns out many of the artists know each other or know of each other having crossed paths at various art schools, through shared studio spaces, or just out and about in Sydney’s tight knit art scene.

What was it about the initial 12 artists? Lisa Woolfe states "The link is that nearly all 12 are recent graduates (either undergrad or postgrad) who are currently unrepresented. I know all too well how hard it is to stay motivated and keep creating art after the pressures of deadlines of studies lift and we return to daily life. I hoped that some if not all the artists and their ‘Plus One’ would create new work for this exhibition. I was pleased that many of the artists were able to do this, and in some cases collaborate with their ‘plus one’.”

The exhibiting artists’ work spans a range of disciplines and includes constructivist inspired sculptural forms, through to installation and back to paintings and paper based works. Some of the invited artists chose to collaborate with their “Plus One”. Painter and printmaker Marion Chapman collaborates with poet Jayne Chapman, digital and mixed media artist Jenni Barrand collaborates with fashion stylist and singer/songwriter Di Barrand and painter Julie Brockbank collaborates with textile artist Leanne Cutler.

Plus One promises to be a dynamic and surprising exhibition featuring work by artists including Renuka Fernando, Jenni Barrand, Di Barrand, Marion Chapman, Jayne Chapman, Jan Handel, Jane Lush, Jennie Pry, April White, Terri Tang, Ying Ying Chen, Thea Weiss, Cyndi Freiman, Nicola Hill, Megan Dawes, Qianwen Xie, Qingwen Liu, Dinah Johanson, Mary Van den Berk, Julie Brockbank, Leanne Cutler, Daniela Meier Mears, Janiece Irvine, Erez Ben-Or , and 2011 Dobell Prize finalist Alexandra Byrne.

Exhibition Dates: 1 to 31 March 2012