2016 T4 Watercolour workshop Oatley 101 Art Society
10 October to 14 November 2016

Learn the basics of watercolour painting in a relaxed environment with individual tutor attention.
Everything is supplied: professional quality paint, 4 types of watercolour brushes, ceramic rose palette, professional watercolour paper - rough and smooth, support boards and everything needed to create watercolour paintings.
Learn tonal variation, types of watercolour brushes, types of watercolour paint, focal point placement, and/or focus on an area of art creation of your choice.

Enquiries? Contact Marion to ask any questions

Cost $80

Location: Sylvania

Watercolour Basics: 6 week course at Oatley 101 Art Society
Marion Chapman workshop at Oatley 101 Let's do Watercolours with Marion Chapman

Term Four 2016, Monday 10th October to Monday 14th November
From 9.30 am to 12.30 pm - a three hour class.

This is a six week term, Members $180.00
Non members, $213.00 which includes 2016 membership of the Society

Explore – watercolour techniques including washes, wet into wet and wet over dry.
Emphasis – is placed on enjoying the process of creating watercolour paintings where colours can mix and blend seamlessly.
Achieve – a good understanding of how watercolour behaves when wet and dry.
When you learn to control the water, you can control watercolour effects.

Learn about – colour theory and the importance of grey, how watercolour is made, different types of watercolour paper, watercolour media, the importance of composition, famous watercolourists, and tips and tricks.

Each week - we will focus on a different aspect of watercolour and a different watercolour artist.

Payments must be made in advance by September 22nd 2016 via Oatley 101 Art Society website (link above).