2017 T4
Discover Colour Wheel Workshop, Sat 4 November 2017, Jannali SGSCC

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Discover the impact of colour!

Together, we will paint a simple watercolour landscape in warm colours and a watercolour landscape in cool colours to see the influence of colour.

Your tutor will provide step-by-step instructions. You will create a basic colour wheel in stages and in between we will have fun creating exercises to stimulate your senses with colour. You will learn the importance of complementary greys and how they can give your paintings more impact.

This class is suitable for all levels though a basic knowledge of watercolour painting would be an advantage.

What to bring:
Tube paints – Reds – Alizarin crimson, cadmium red. Blues – cobalt, ultramarine blue. Yellows – cadmium yellow, lemon yellow. Greens – viridian, Hooker’s green. Optional extras - raw sienna, burnt sienna & cerulean.
Watercolour Paper – Four sheets of A3 sized watercolour paper. Recommended brands: Arches, Saunders Waterford, Art Spectrum. 200 – 300 gsm preferred. Any texture.
Brushes – Medium round brush, small dagger brush, medium hake brush.

Masking tape, pencil, rubber, support board (to tape your paper onto), tissues, 2 x water containers, round palette, old towel (to collect water run-off), hair dryer (if possible).