Easy watercolour for beginners
SGSCC Jannali
2020 April 21

Learn the easy basics of watercolour painting: simple watercolour washes, cool colour mixing, types of watercolour brushes, paper and paint. Learn how to paint transparently and easily in watercolour.
This is a class for beginners to explore basic watercolour painting techniques in a step by step class. No painting experience recommended. We will start with the four easiest watercolour techniques using simple exercises. Over these swatches, we will glaze layers of beautiful transparent colour. We will explore all the ways to keep your paper flat (so bring lots of boards) and all the states of watercolour paint (Marion will show you these). We will also explore the many uses of masking fluid and how it helps create translucent paintings. After these basic techniques, we will let loose and paint subjects that encourage the paint to flow.
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